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  Common Q & A

     Why won’t your orchid rebloom?

  • Not enough light
  • Poor root system, over watering, old medium, not enough fertilizer.
  • Not enough temperature fluctuation
  • Bad water
       My leaves are wrinkled!

        This is caused from watering too much or too little. Remove the plant from the pot, examine the roots.
        If they are white and tan and firm then they are not receiving enough water, repot and water more carefully
        trying to revive your plant, but do not drown it! If you are dehydrated you can still only drink so much at one time.
        If the roots are brown and mushy, then you are watering too much, decrease your watering and trim off
        dead roots. Also repot in new mix.

       I have yellow leaves!

        This is common, most phalaenopsis as well as dendrobiums will shed leaves. Let the plant shed it itself,
        if you lightly flick it and it falls off then it was time for it to go, if it stays on, do not remove it or cut it off,
        as the plant has not cut it off from the rest of the plant. The plant will slowly dry out the leaf and cause it
        to fall off. If you see that your plant is shedding all or new leaf growths, then it has been either infected
        by bacterial growth or some kind of fungus, it needs to be taken out, repotted and trimmed of dead roots.