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   Oncidium Care


    Depending on the variety, most oncidiums can take moderate indirect light, watch leaf color for indications
    of too much light.


    Oncidiums depending on the variety can tolerate a wide range of temperatures most respond well to
    temperatures in the 70-80 degree range growing lush foilage.

   Water and Fertilizer

    Most oncidiums have large bulbs for storing water so be cautious and always underwater, if you are unsure,
    do not water, as long as the plant is well established it will easily survive missing one watering without harm.
    Water the same as other orchids once a month using a 20-20-20 fertilizer a quarter teaspoon per
    gallon of water dillution.


    Oncidiums like dendrobiums like to be root bound as well. avoid potting in too large a pot and only opt to go
    one or two inches bigger in size from a 6" pot to more than a 8" pot. Oncidiums may be divided as well like
    other sympodial orchids just make sure divisions have a significant amount of bulbs for the size of the plant,
    usually only dividing a plant when it has at least doubled in size if it is in a 6" pot at the earliest. Any media can
    be used, but becareful of overwatering when usng wetter materials until the roots have had time to recover.
    Also do not bury the bulbs in the media, only the roots.